Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Deutschgrind and Epic Rap Meet In a Stormy Night

With their two latest releases, the Zeitgeister family expands its boundaries with Slon's first self-titled album and Angry Teng's second album "Live in New York".

Slon create their own genre through the combination of visionary Christian Kolf and his blast squire Patrick Schroeder with rapper Angry Teng's vocal contribution by gazing down on preapocalyptic society from a forsaken observatory far, far up in the mountains of madness. Revenge, archaic riddles, cryptozoological discoveries, birds of passage above the black continent, war, commanders, fuck-off attitude - a clear "No!" to all sickening events and behaviours.

The other release, Angry Teng's second solo effort, constitutes a trip into the broad expanse of his mind, a bobbing from motif to motif. "Live in New York" has nothing to do with the actual place but with a theorised version of a dystopian juggernaut and the society populating it, the apocalypse in store for it, the megalomania most people suffer from in it, and the transactions that make people die.

Montag, 5. März 2012

Valborg in Ireland / new album

VALBORG will head over to Ireland and play two shows with Wound Upon Wound (Dublin and Siege Of Limerick Festival). If you are from there, come and see some German metal action.

The mastering for the upcoming VALBORG album "NEKRODEPRESSION" has been finished. Once again the band worked with Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio in Norway. We are going to release the album probably in late summer, early autumn.

Check out the live version of a new song, entitled "Zyklop":