Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

Angry Teng and Slon on Bandcamp

In order to prepare you adequately for our upcoming double release, we will drop weekly appetisers from now on. Each time one piece off the SLON album (with either Christian Kolf or Angry Teng on the microphone) and one ANGRY TENG song. Await the things to come and be fearful. The ZEITGEISTER collective finally manifests as what it has been from the start: an assembly of transcendental beings beyond genre limitations and conformity.

Release date for both albums will be March 21st, 2012.


Klabautamann shirts and new material

After a few rehearsals in January, Klabautamann have decided to once again concentrate their efforts for writing new material in a composing session. So in April Flo & Tim will spend a week preparing new tracks. Since the last composing session in April 2008 resulted in the highly acclaimed "Merkur" record much is to be expected - recording of the new album could start in 2012! Keep checking our facebook page for updates and news and grab one of the new shirts while you can: www.zeitgeistermusic.com

Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Menschengötter/Feuer/Kleines Licht

Angry Teng - Menschengötter/Feuer/Kleines Licht
From the upcoming album "Live In New York"
Release date: March 21st, 2012

Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

The Dark Side of German Post-War Music!

Yet again, the ZEITGEISTER collective expands its boundaries! Ready?

We are going to release a German epic rap album from our good old metal brother ANGRY TENG in March. He has been with us all along the way, albeit hidden in the shadows. The album will be called "LIVE IN NEW YORK" and constitutes a dark and atmospheric rap trip. The artwork has once again been marvellously executed by our own Jan Buckard.

We thought this to be a good opportunity to release the long-awaited SLON album as well, which features ANGRY TENG on the first half of the record. It's a split album with 6 new songs, and 6 songs from the first EP, originally released as CD-R in 2007. You can expect a short, brutal, punky, apocalyptic Deutschgrind album.

Slon - new record out soon!

All snippets taken from SLON (ZG012), to be released in March 2012 exclusively available soon at www.zeitgeistermusic.com.

SLON includes 6 brand new songs (feat. Angry Teng) as well as the complete first EP, originally released as CD-R in 2007. You can expect a short, brutal, punky, apocalyptic Deutschgrind album.

Zeitgeister on Bandcamp

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